28 de outubro de 2013

A roda "padagógica" de Allan Carrington

Baseado no trabalho “Bloomin’ Apps”, de Kathy Schrock, allan Carrington criou aquilo a que apelida de "Padagogic Wheel", baseado na Taxonomia Digital de Benjamin Bloom.

"How does it work? I’m not apologising for the frequency I use this term, but it is truly all about the students. Teachers as many of you know, strive to define learning outcomes across more than one intellectual behaviour of the taxonomy. I personally strive to set a learning outcome from each of Remembering/Understanding, Applying, Analysing, Evaluating and Creating. I encourage teachers to spend quality “caffeine-charged” time with the action verbs. Next ask yourself the question “By the time the student/learner completes this workshop they should be able to (add the action verb)“. Then think about what activity or product which might achieve this.  You are well on your way to defining learning goals which are higher order thinking skills. I have added 62 iPad apps to the wheel and put them where they could serve the pedagogy. These are not necessarily the best app for the job and many of the apps can be used in different realms but it is a good start. I hope it helps you rethink the iPad’s use in Learning and Teaching… it is not about the tool nor the app … it’s all about the students." Allan Carrington - In Support of Excellence

Descarregar a versão atualizada da roda, aqui.

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